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Changes to Creation of New Forms

Nov 21, 2019

Data collection and usage is a hot topic today, including the ATLAS platform. Countless big tech companies are being challenged on how they collect data and how the data is used. We may not be a fortune 500 technology company, but we want to ensure we are supporting you in complying with industry standards for data collection.

Industry standards include a variety of data privacy and security compliance. There are many pieces of legislation coming out in 2020, including California's Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which other states are expected to follow. One of the key aspects of this legislation is the 'right to be forgotten,' 'private right of action,' and 'data subject request.'   Essentially, this means we need to be able to point to where personal data is collected and stored,  where the data is distributed, and how it is used.

The most common ways data is collected on an ATLAS site is through the forms functionality.  As your website host, we want to make sure that the forms used on your site comply with upcoming laws as well as not considered a high-security risk. We trust that you are not using this information negatively and that the majority of it is provided by the customer to do business with you. However, we need to do an audit of all forms to ensure there is no high-risk data being stored improperly, and the data that is stored will comply with all the new laws coming in 2020.

Effective immediately, we have prevented the ability of ATLAS customers to build new forms on their own. Existing forms will still function as expected & data submitted to the form will be collected and sent via email to the recipients of those forms. Any new forms needing to be created should be sent through a request using the ATLAS Contact Us Form. We will work with you to create the form and ensure we capture the required information for data compliance in 2020.

We also plan to share more information and hold webinars to educate ATLAS customers on what the new legislation means to you.  We will cover topics around data compliance and data security to help you protect your business and safely manage the information your customers are entrusting to you.
We will continue to share information about the success of the audit and will follow up with anyone that requires assistance with the creation of forms while it is being completed.

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