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Campaign Library Wishes Have Been Granted

Mar 11, 2019

The day has finally come! We have a library of campaigns available for ATLAS Customers to look through and find one that is right for you! ATLAS Customers have been requesting this for quite awhile, so we are very excited to present quality, styled, easy campaigns for anyone’s use! Knowing the excitement this might generate, we came up with some questions we think you might have about them and answered them below!
So what is a Starter Campaign?
A starter campaign is a customizable campaign that our team put together based on a common topic or product. We’ve found that a lot of our customers want to talk about the same thing, but don’t know where to start! So, we’ve taken those topics and crafted messaging, graphics, social posts, and emails to give our customers a head start on creating a campaign. Think of it as the framework to help you get a campaign out with as much or as little effort as you desire.
If this library is for all customers, won’t everyone will have the same campaign?
Absolutely not! We create a starter campaign that is meant to be modified & localized to fit your needs. We highly encourage that you read through the content and make changes that will exemplify your brand and your local area. Many of our customers opt to use their own photos or logos within the campaign so by the end, each campaign is unique.
What if I don’t have the means to localize the content?
We get it, sometimes you are very far removed from what is happening in the agronomy department and it can be challenging working with them to localize content. That’s where our Digital Technology Managers (DTM) come in to play. They often have already developed a relationship with your agronomy team due to their role in WinField United’s ag tech tools (like R7 and Field Forecasting) and can work with them to get the localized content you might be needing.
What is all in the library?
Right now the library consist of examples of email campaigns that are ready for use. You can easily see an image of the campaign, along with the topic that it pertains to. Clicking on the image will start an email for you to send to Jess Irvine to request the assets and get the starter campaign going! Once you and Jess have worked together, the email template will be loaded into the backend of your website so you can begin working on it!
What if I want to do campaigns that are not agronomy related?
We understand that agronomy is not all that you do at your company! The diversification of a co-op or retailer is truly what makes it unique in the marketplace and of great value to your customers. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and help you discuss areas such as feed, energy, grain & more! We have segmented our library into topic area—and in the future non-agronomy articles will be found under “miscellaneous”.  These templates probably won’t be seen in the library until we have a request to develop them.
What if I don’t see anything I want in the library?
With campaigns just starting to really ramp up—our options are limited. BUT we are constantly creating new campaigns and as we do, we will be updating the library. If you don’t see what you need, you can use the campaign request form to ask for assets. We might already have something available, or easily pulled together to create a custom campaign. But keep in mind, custom campaigns take a lot of effort and back and forth conversations. Please allow for 3-4 weeks to pull everything together before the campaign needs to be sent out.
How will I know when new starter campaigns are added?
The ATLAS Newsletter is a great place to get notified when new campaigns are added to the library. We will put a notice in the newsletter when we get new materials, or new starter campaigns have been created! Not subscribed to the newsletter? Please contact us to be added!
We hope that this answered all your questions regarding the starter campaign library. If you are needing more info, or have follow up questions, please contact us!

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