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ATLAS Platform Implementing Blob Storage

May 12, 2020

We are continuously working on our platform to ensure high availability and improved performance. One of the initiatives we are working on is optimizing our Azure setup where all the websites are hosted by moving the media files (images, videos) which are currently stored with the application to a cloud storage called “Blob Storage”.

This activity will be performed over night by the offshore team. There will be no impact to sites or how images are displayed. Team will validate the sites after the move to ensure there were no issues that arose.  

The process began on May 8th with our non-live sites (tst). Live site integration will begin May 14th and will continue up through June 30th. We are implementing 4 sites each night, so we can do proper testing once after each move is completed.  

 All your images and files will be in the same folder structure as they were before the move. You will notice that the folder names will not be capitalized. This is because for search engines prefer URLs that are lowercase, and the folder is a part of the URL. The move to blob storage gave us a good opportunity to contribute towards the SEO of your site. This will not impact the images inside the folder, however.

There is no action needed by ATLAS customers. If you have any questions, please let the ALTAS Team know.

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