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ATLAS Dicamba Assets and Starter Emails No Longer Available

Jun 04, 2020

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Late in the evening on June 3rd, The United States Supreme Court announced that three out of four Dicamba registrations would be removed. This impacts Engenia, FeXapan, and XtendiMax dicamba herbicide products.

If you have Dicamba related emails scheduled to go out, please delete the email from your email feed so it will no longer be scheduled. If you were or are planning on sending Dicamba related content to your customers, we ask that you connect with your local agronomy team to provide updated messaging.

Please note that we have removed all Dicamba related content from our Campaign Library. They are no longer available for future campaigns.

Just because we removed them from our content library does not mean that your emails will no longer be scheduled for sending. Please delete any dicamba related emails that are scheduled to go out. If they are not scheduled, you are fine to leave them as is or delete them. 

Below is a great news article to read to learn more about the industry impact:


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