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Account for Daylight Savings Time!

Nov 04, 2019

On Oct 4th, In a special version of our ATLAS Newsletter, we shared information about our platform running on Universal Time (UTC). Here is what was said:

"Email marketing is currently reverting to universal time on the backend. We are working on reverting this back to the way we had it previously set up--where it will run off the time zone you are located in. 

If you are scheduling out emails--please accomodate for Universal time or you may want to adjust to an instant send experience temporarily. You will also notice that analytics will show a difference in time open or clicked as that will be in universal time as well. 

We will update again when we return the timecode to the proper zones for each customer. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause & if you have any questions, or want to know more about how to send emails accomodating for universal time, please contact us."

We wanted to remind all of you that with Daylight Savings Time (with the exception of our Canadian friends & those in Arizona) you will need to count back differently. For example if you are in Central Time, Pre-Daylight Savings time you had to count back 5 hours. Now, you will have to count back 6. This impacts Email Marketing (scheduling emails & analytics) along with posting events. 

We are currently working on a solution to imporove the user experience & are working with our developers to find common ground between good web development & our customer's needs. 

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