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RP Social Feed

RP Social Feed displays the most recent social media posts on a page. 

What is the RP Social Feed?

RP Social Feed is a widget that displays the last 4 social media posts for a given feed. RP Social Feed supports Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How do you configure RP Social Feed?

Create the Social Feed Reference

Navigate to Retailer Portals>Social Feeds. Then click the green "New Social Feed" button. You will be redirected to a form. You will need to fill out one form for each of the feeds you want on your site. Once you select the feed for this form, more fields will appear. 

Issue Resolution: Have a ghost button? For example, is an Instagram button showing up on the page when your cooperative does not have an Instagram account? That means that someone created an Instagram reference. Navigate to Retailer Portals>Social Feeds and delete the Social Feed Reference.

Get your App ID And Secret Key 

The fields under "New Social Feed" need to be filled out using developer credentials. To get yours, follow the instructions below:


Add or Configure the RP Social Feed Widget

If the Social Feed Widget is already on the page, it will automatically pull the Social Feed information. If not, add the social feed widget. There is nothing in the Widget Properties that you need to do for the widget to begin pulling posts. 

How do you Use the RP Social Feed?

Use the RP Social Feed to show your users that they can engage with you across many channels. It also is a great way to highlight important news on your site in another way.