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Spring Campaign Ideas—Strategize Before the Busyness

Jan 28, 2019

Can you believe it is already time to start planning for spring? With the arctic chill settling in across much of the country, it can be hard to imagine those warm spring days are right around the corner. But before you know it we will be full force into planting preparations and time will simply get away from us.

That’s why it’s important to get ahead of the busyness and have a rock-solid plan on what articles, campaigns and other messaging you’d like to get in front of your customers.

As you sit down to plan, make sure you involve your division teams to gain insight into the sales goals of each department. Capturing what they are talking to customers about can help give you an idea of how to shift the focus of your campaigns. For example, if your agronomy team wants to up their fungicide sales, make sure you begin collecting articles, product banners, and customer lists based on that topic.

The ATLAS team has been hard at work creating Starter Campaigns for you to utilize and make gathering materials and insights much easier.

Currently we have several starter campaigns prepared and ready for you to take advantage of. Work with your local DTM or Atlas team member to learn more about customizing content fit for you. To get the assets available in these starter campaigns, please email Jess Irvine

  A few examples of the topics include:  
If you would like more information about these topics or would like to use some of the campaign materials we have related to the above topics, please contact your DTM or TM. If you do not have a DTM or TM, please fill out the asset request form to request the assets.
Those are just the Starter Campaigns we have already created. There are plenty more things to be thinking about when it comes to Spring:
  • Planting into cool soils
  • Calibrating Seed Meter reminders
  • Soil preparations
  • Fertilizer reminders
  • Seed Treatments
    • Warden CX
  • Sidedressing
  • Spring soil sampling
  • Spring Wheat
  • Alfalfa Seed bed preparations
  • Impact of Rolling soybeans
  • When to take first cut of Alfalfa
  • Selecting the right seed
  • Maximizing investment of Corn with High Response to Fungicide
  • Spraying Smart
  • Dicamba reminders
Want to run an email campaign but don’t know where to start? Reach out to your DTM, TM or ATLAS Team member to start your email marketing journey! or o get the assets available in these starter campaigns, please email Jess Irvine

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