Success Story Ideas


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We have compiled a list of topics we think would make a great base for success stories. Check out the list below, and feel free to submit your own unique ideas!


The Original.

R7 Success Story Themes:

•Seed script ROI
•Other script ROI
•Imagery scouting
•FMT guided scouting
•FMT + Imagery
•FMT guided replanting
•FMT guided spraying
•FMT guided harvest
•Seed placement sales story: RT Scores
• RTF directed reccomendations
• Placing competitive hybrid one year, and getting the sale the next year
• Insight trial
  • Vigor Index guided application
  • Imagery, YPM and Yield Map guided FFT conversation
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Field Forecasting Tool

•Heat map ROI
•Nitrogen recommendation ROI
•Harvest date coupled with FMT success
•Yield accuracy
•Tissue sample calibration vs. no calibration success
•Stand count calibration vs. no calibration success
•Emergency date change success
•Irrigation success
•How did a recommendation from the model change your plans, and the success from that choice
•Nutrient Application Success
•Tissue Sample sales increase success
•Grower, crop advisor interaction created by the tool
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NutriSolutions Wins

•How did the app positively impact sampling
•Work order streamlined sampling process
•Results from sample resulted in a micro-nutrient sale
•Results from sample resulted in a Nitrogen application
•Success from using NutriSolutions 
  • Success with NS integration into your tech package
  • Success with territory deficiency
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Other Ideas to Share

•Seller Engagement
•Ag Tech to Drive Sales
•Campaign Usage
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