Requesting Assets

Free Assets At Your Fingertips...

Stock Photos

You are able to request Getty Images at no cost to you!  Browse the Stock Photo library we have purchased to view the images available to you. Once you find an image you would like, copy the creative number, & use the asset request form below to have us download! There is no limit to the number of stock photos you can request so what are you waiting for?

Banners & Custom Pieces

Campaigns often call for a very specific piece, or can be hard to find something already done that serves your needs. You can request custom banners, graphics, or articles to compliment exactly what you are looking for. When requesting, please be as specific as possible, include examples or descriptions of your needs & allow for up to 7 business days to have the piece created for you!

Product Images

Promoting a WU or Purina product but dont have a picture of the jug or bag? No worries, we can track that down for you! ATLAS has partnerships with the Marketing Team for all Land O Lakes Businesses (WinField United, Purina & Dairy) and are able to request the most updated product photos from those sectors. Simply fill out the asset request form and let us know what product you are looking for. 

Asset Request Form

If you would like to browse our Getty Images library, please use the below link so you can access the images that are available in our plan. To request an image, copy/paste the creative # of the desired image into the form below. Be sure to let us know what the purpose of the image will be by filling out the campaign or asset subject line. 

Access Getty Images

If you are looking to request a specific campaign, please use the campaign request form, the below form is for assets.

Asset Types Needed*:

Let us know what types of assets you are looking to acquire for your campaign, Can check multiple boxes.

If you are looking for information about a specific product or topic, let us know what that is.

Let us know when you need the asset. Please allow a minimum of 3 business days to receive the assets.

Not sure exactly what you're looking for? Describe it to us and we'll try to find a match. Example "I'm looking for a photo of tillage."