Create a URL Redirec in a Email Campaign

Why we Use URL Redirec?

We use URL redirects to take users to something other than a landing page, like another website or PDF. This is often used for navigation items, or buttons! 

Download the PDF Version

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Createing A URL Redirect


1: Create a new page in your content tree by clicking on the plus sign at the top of the page.

2: Select “ATLAS-Content” from the page type options list.

3: On the page that follows—press the green “continue” button at the top of the page.

4: Title your page “URL Redirect” and press save.

5: Immediately use the properties tab to navigate to the page called “navigation” from the dropdown.

6: Uncheck both boxes at the top of the page for “show in navigation” and “show in site map” , we don’t need this page showing anywhere. Press save at the top of the page.

7: After saving, select the option “URL Re-Direct” and put your URL that you would like to redirect to in the field.

8: Press save at the top of the page and your page will now redirect