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Resizing Images In Kentico No Longer Available

Oct 02, 2019

Resizing images in Kentico is a functionality that has previously been available but has been recently turned off. We never recommend that customers resize in Kentico as it is best practice to resize images before uploading, however we have had the option to do it for customers if needed. We recently became aware of issues in the Email Marketing Application specifically when a Kentico resized image is used in an email, it would create issues with the email sending & also being visible to the recipient. 

Because of this, we have removed the ability to resize images in Kentico. We recommend making sure images are sized properly before uploading them into Kentico. Properly sized images also help to improve the speed of your site as raw image files are very large & slow to load.

If you need help resizing an image--please reach out to us & we will crop it for you. 

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