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Kentico Analytics Showing 502 Error

Nov 08, 2019

The  ATLAS Team is aware of a 502 error that occurs when you click on the analytics application in Kentico. The 502 error is due to the page taking too long to load due to the large amount of data stored in Analytics.

We have been working with Kentico to determine the best steps to resolve this and still provide the relevant data that you need! We have determined that in order to optimize the sites and pull in analytics in a timely fashion, we will limit data pulling into Kentico Analytics to 1 years worth. Older data will be backed up and through Google Analytics, customers can easily go back further to view the data.

This fix will begin being implemented in the Sprint starting 11/11/19. The 504 error is expected to be resolved through this. If you have any questions or need help utilizing Google Analytics, please contact us! 


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