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Downtime Planned for IDM Update: What You NEED to Know

Nov 05, 2019

The  Ag Tech Support Team has been hard at work developing a New IDM Project roll out. They will be launching the project into production. This means Phase 1 and 2 will be down Friday November 8th from 7pm CST to 7:15pm CST . In the event that deployment doesn’t go as planned, users may experience intermittent downtime until 9pm CST to fix perform any post-production defects.  However, it is expected that the websites will only be down for approx 15 min.

So what is IDM?

If the word IDM sounds foreign to you, that's okay! IDM will become a more familiar term with those that are working towards Phase 2.

If you attended the DIN Summit in Denver, you probably heard Joel Wipperfurth speak about Omni Channel. If you missed his presentation, check out our DIN Recap. In his presentation he spoke about the Omni Channel Experience our goal to create a streamline digital experience. 

The purpose of the IDM Project is to create a platform for creating that streamlined omni-channel onboarding activities to enhance the logged-in experience. It will allow ATLAS owners and uses of WinfField United tools to utilize a platform for managing their own onboarding activities, ultimately leading to a better experience for owners and their customers. Essentially, IDM is a hub of information so that you can have single sign on into different applications and easily onboard users & growers into your logged-in portals.

Currently, there is a freeze for IDM meaning no user onboarding or adding of admins at this time for Phase 2.  Wednesday, Nov 6th, a formal communication about the IDM Project Upgrades will go out to impacted users and delegated Admins of Phase 2 Dashboards. You will only recieive this email if you are currently on Single Sign On or have a Phase 2 logged in dashboard. 

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