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Static HTML

Sometimes cooperatives subscribe or purchase services from orgranizations who then provide HTML code to put on your site. This widget allows you to take HTML and display it on your page. This widget should not be used without guidance from a developer. 


What is the Static HTML Widget?

The Static HTML Widget is a place to enter code that has been provided to you on your site. 

How do you configure Static HTML Widget?

Copy and Paste the HTML

Copy and paste the given HTML into the text box in widget properties. 

How do you Use the Static HTML Widget?

The Static HTML is not responsive, so it will not expand or shrink to fit users' screens. It must be placed within a Foundations Layout to expand or shrink to fit a user's screen size. Use it when you have content from another provider that you want placed on your site. If this is an option for you, the provider should have already provided the HTML.