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RP YouTube Video

With the RP YouTube Video widget, users can add YouTube videos to a page, similar to the "YouTube Video" and "ATLAS YouTube Video" widgets.

What is RP YouTube Video?

Creating a YouTube Playlist

The RP YouTube widget allows you to display a YouTube video to a page. To add a video, it must already exist as a playlist so it's accessible from widget properties. To create a new YouTube playlist, navigate to "Retailer Portals" "YouTube Playlists" and click the green "New Playlist" button. From there you can create a title and sub-title for the video, as well as choose how many videos to display. If you'd like to display a playlist of youtube videos, select "Playlist ID,"  and to display a channel, select "Channel ID." For a single video, select "Watch ID" and paste the link.
The RP YouTube Video widget helps users conveniently view a video without being redirected to another page.

How do you configure RP YouTube Video?

Getting the YouTube URL

Navigate to the YouTube video that you would like on your site. In the searchbar, highlight and copy the link. There should be a /watch, /channel, or /playlist in the URL. Do not copy the URL generated from the "Share" button.

This is the link you'll enter into the "YouTube (Watch/Channel/Playlist) ID" field.

Adding the Video to the Page

In RP YouTube widget properties, select the playlist you created (or that already exists) from the drop down options.

How do you Use RP YouTube Video?

Use the RP - YouTube Video widget to present valuable, informative content to users. Videos could be about your cooperative, the products you offer, or an event recap.