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RP Weather

Adding weather to your site makes it more attractive for your users to visit regularly. The RP Weather widget displays weather on your site. 

What is the RP Weather?

RP Weather displays weather information on your page. It pulls location information from the Retailer Portals applications.

How do you configure RP Weather?

Identify Your Location

Navigate to Retailer Portals>Weather. Press the green "New Item" button. Fill in the Weather Widget Title, Default Zipcode, and Number of Days that you would like displayed. 

Configuring the Widget

Once the widget is on the page, select the location name that you made for the desired zip code from the default location drop-down. Then, select the style for the forecast that you would like to see on your page from the "transformation name" drop-down menu. Also select the number of days that you would like the forecast to include.


How do you Use the RP Weather?

Use RP-Weather on your homepage as an important source of information for your users.