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RP - Site Map

What is RP - Site Map?

The RP Site Map widget is for displaying a chart of all pages and subpages on your site. You'd place a Site Map widget on your site map page, giving users a convenient way to find specific content on your site.

How do you configure RP - Site Map?

Configuring the Widget

Begin by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top left corner of a foundation layout and selecting "Add new widget." In widget properties, the "Path" field allows you to choose the pages in the content tree that show up on the map's navigation. This is most often "/%." You may also filter which pages you'd like to appear in the "Page types" field. For instance, to have only RP - Content pages appear on the map, check the box next to "RP - Content" only. In the "Hierarchical Transformation" field, choose the "Widget transformation" page type and then "SiteMap Transformation" as the Transformation name.

How do you Use RP - Site Map?

Use RP - Site Map to provide users with a way to conveniently navigate through your site.