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RP - Search Box (test)

What is RP - Search Box (test)?

The RP - Search Box widget allows you to add a site search box to the header of a page.

How do you configure RP Search Box?

Configuring the Widget

Begin by navigating to the hamburger menu in the top left corner of a foundation layout. Select "Add new widget," and find "RP - Search Box (test)." A widget properties window will then appear. In the "Search results page URL" field, "/Search-Results" is automatically inserted. This means that once a user has entered their search, they will be redirected to a Search Results page where the results will be displayed. In the "Button image URL" field, enter the URL of the image you'd like to appear as the search box button icon. For further styling, developers should insert HTML code into the "HTML Envelope" field. Once you're finished, press "Save & Close."

How do you Use RP - Search Box (test)?

Use RP Search Box to enable users to find specific pages or elements within your site. Adding a Search Box to the header of a page makes your site more user-friendly.