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RP Page Listing

RP Page Listing is a widget that enables you to display titles of children pages onto a page without having to retype content. 

What is the RP Page Listing?

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RP Page Listing is a widget that lets you display a list of pages on the page.

How do you configure RP Page Listing?

Configure the Widget

Select the parent page of the children pages that you want listed in the "Path" field. Then choose how you would like the pages listed from the "ORDER BY expression" drop-down menu. If you are listing events, sorting by date is the most logical. Choose the option that best fits your need. Then decide how you would like the page to be presented in the "Widget Type" drop-down menu. For example, a Page Lisitng used in place of a navigation bar should use "Links Only." Events should choose an event option. 

If you are showing a date, choose a date fromat from the "Date Format" drop-down menu. 

If checked, the box "Include Parent Page" will include the parent page of the selected path in the link list. 

How do you Use the RP Page Listing?

Use the RP Page Listing Widget on a landing page that you want your users to be able to navigate to Children Pages. It is best to be used when a top-bar navigation is not possible for a section of the site. For Example, in a top-bar menu you may have a Home Page. On the home page you may have a Page Listing of Events. Events would not have a drop-down of all events in the navigation.