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RP Menu

The RP Menu widget uses your site's main pages to create a central navigation menu.

What is the RP Menu?

RP Menu allows you to create a main navigation menu based on your site's main pages.

How do you configure the RP Menu?

Configuring Page Type

When creating a page that will appear on your menu, be sure to select the appropriate page type. To create a page, navigate to the "+" under the "Edit" button. Then select a page type, hit "Continue," and save. When creating a menu, be sure you check the box next to this page type so the page will appear on your menu.


How to Get Pages into RP Menu

The main pages that appear on your menu depend on their individual page types. To filter which pages appear on a menu, navigate to RP Menu widget properties, then in the "Page types" field, hit the "Select" button. Check the box next to each type of page you'd like on your menu.


Design Options

In widget properties, in the "Maximum nesting level" field, you can configure the number of page levels on a menu. If you'd like only the menu pages and each of its subpages to appear upon hover, select 2. For more menu levels, enter a greater number in that field. In the "Hierarchical Transformation" dropdown are two style options: "Basic Menu" and "Mega Menu." For a simple menu with subpages listed vertically, select "Basic," and if you'd like a large menu that displays subpages in columns, select the "Mega" option.


How do you Use the RP Menu?

Use the RP Menu widget to add a main menu onto a site and to make site navigation easier for users.