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RP Locations

Showing all locations on your site is a great way to show your presence in the community and connect user's name recognition of your oraganization.

What is the RP Locations?

The RP Locations Widget displays locations.

How do you configure RP Locations?

Create Services*

The first step to add this functionality on your site is to add your service offerings. Navigate to Retailer Portals>Widget Categories. Press the green "New Category" button. Select "RP Locations from the "Widget" drop-down menu. Then, type the name of a service offered at your locations.

*If every one of your locations offers every service, creating services offers some clarity to your users, but is not necessary. 

Add a Location

To use the Location Employees Widget, you first need to create Locations in Kentico. To do this, navigate to Retailer Portals>Directory>Locations. Press the green "New Location" button and fill out the required fields. Once you press "save" the sidebar tabs will change to "Location" and "Location Employee."

Configuring the Widget

Select the services that you would like to display. If you are using the widget as a place for all of your locations to be shown, you should check every "Service" box. If you are using it on a service-specific page, then only check the corresponding service box.

Decide if you would like to have a detailed page for every location. If so, check the "Show Detailed Link" box and please referance the RP Location Details Widget. 

Then, decide if you would like just a map, or a map with the locations shown in a table below. If you are using the map on your home page, it is best to use the map only option. If this a page dedicated to locations, use the map with table. 

How do you Use the RP Locations?

Use RP Locations to show users where to find you! It can be used on the home page, individual service pages, or on a dedicated location page. It works well with the RP Location Finder Widget and RP Location Employees Widget.