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RP Location Finder

Helping your users find a location that they can visit is a helpful functionality for the site. RP Location Finder enables users to do just that. 

What is the RP Location Finder?

The Location Finder enables users to search for a nearby location by service offering. 

How do you configure RP Location Finder?

Create Services*

The first step to add this functionality on your site is to add services to the locations that you have created. If you have not created locations yet, please see the instructions under RP Locations widget. Navigate to Retailer Portals>Widget Categories. Press the green "New Category" button. Select "RP Locations from the "Widget" drop-down menu. Then, type the name of a service offered at your locations.

*If every one of your locations offers every service, creating services offers some clarity to your users, but is not necessary. 

Add Services to Locations

Navigate to Retailer Portals>Locations. Click the green pencil to edit a location. There will now be a "Services" section in the middle of the form. Check all services that apply to that location. 

Create the "See All" Page

Please note: If your site is live, you need to have a Land O'Lakes, Inc. developer to complete this step for you. If you do not contact one of our designated developers, it can cause serious problems on your site. 

If you do not already have a Locations page in your site, you will need to create one. 

The first field in the widget that you will need to configure is the "See All" path. The "See All" functionality is a button users can press if they want to see all of your locations. This could happen when a user does not know their zipcode, and they want to see everywhere you are lcoated on a map. 

To make this, create a new page on your site. Navigate to your Master Page on the site map. You know that you are on your Master Page when your site name is highlighted in the content tree. Press the "+". Select RP-Content, then ATLAS Content.  

Name the Page "Locations." On this page you will want to add the RP Locations widget. See the RP Locations widget page to learn how to configure that widget.

Configure the Widget

Indicate the folder path "/locations" in the "See All Link" field or select the path to the page you just made with the "select button." Then, indicate which service you would like the Finder to search. A specific service should be chosen if you want users to only be able to search for one service. For example, if you place a location finder on an Agronomy page, it is reasonable that the location finder only search for Agronomy Locations on that page. If you place a Location Finder on the home page, do not select a specific service. If you do not select a service from the drop-down menu, it allows the user to select the service that they would like to search for. 

How do you Use the RP Location Finder?

Use Location Finder on a Home Page or Service Landing page so users and customers can find a location that fits their needs.