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RP Location Employees

Adding Location Information to your site can be a great source of information for users. The RP Location Employees displays who works at a location. 

What is the RP Location Employees?

The RP-Location Employees Widget displays employees that are assigned to a corresponding location. Clicking on an employee picture produces a pop-up window that shows the employee's contact information. It organizes employees by alphabetical order. At this time, the widget does not allow for custom ordering of employees.

How do you configure RP Location Employees?

Add a Location

To use the Location Employees Widget, you first need to create Locations in Kentico. To do this, navigate to Retailer Portals>Directory>Locations. Press the green "New Location" button and fill out the required fields. Once you press "save" the sidebar tabs will change to "Location" and "Location Employee."

If you have already created employees, you may assign them to this location by clicking on the "Location Employees" tab. Press the "Add Items" button. In the pop-up window, you can either search for an employee by name or page through the list of employees. An employee is assigned to the location when the box next to their name is checked. 

Add an Employee

To add an employee in Kentico, navigate to Retailer Portals>Directory>Employees. Press the green "New Employee" button. Fill out the fields under the default window, which is the "Employee Info" tab. First name, last name, title, and image are the most important. Adding contact information is helpful for your customers, but is not necessary if you have a seperate contact form that you want your customers to use. Any field left blank will not be displayed. When uploading images, the dimensions for employee photos need to be 100x100 pixels and have a file size smaller than 15kb. 

Underneath the Employee Info tab, there are Locations and Departments Tabs. These tabs allow you to assign the employee to a department and location. You must assign an employee to a location for them to appear in the Location Employee Widget. 

Widget Configuration

In the widget properties, select the department from the drop-down menu and choose how many employees you would like shown per row. If you would like, you may choose between rectangular and circle images in the Transformation seciton. 

How do you Use the RP Location Employees?

Use RP Location Employees so that your users can familiarize themselves with who they might see if they stop by.