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RP Images

RP Images is a widget for adding images to a page.

What is RP Images?

Creating a New Category

You can use RP Images to load pictures onto a page based on their category. To create a new category of images, go to Retailer Portals Widget Categories, then click the green "New Category" button. Then select the "RP - Images" widget type and name your category.

Adding an Image to an Existing Category

To add a new image to an existing category, navigate to Retailer Portals Images. After you click the green "New Image" button, upload the image and select its type and desired category. To find the category drop down, look under the "Additional Info" field.

How do you configure RP Images?


Under properties, clicking the drop down arrow next to the "Category" field gives a list of all the names of groups of images to choose from and display. For instance, to display images of a co op's board members, select the "Board of Directors" category, but first verify that the category name matches up with the appropriate images.

Image Formatting & Layout

Under the "Transformations" field in widget properties, select a Transformation name--this will format your images to your liking. For instance, to have circlular images, select "Radius Images." There you can also select the number of images you want to display in a single row.


How do you Use RP Images?

Use the RP Images widget to present a group of images on a page. It's beneficial when trying to display a series of images or people tied together by a common theme, membership on a team, or by other organizational entities.