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RP Directions

RP Directions is for providing directions to users based on their current location.

What is the RP Directions?

The RP Directions widget provides detailed Google API directions from a user's current location to an indicated destination.

How do you configure RP Directions?

Creating a Location

For the RP Directions widget to function properly, a destination location must be inputted. To create a new location, navigate to "Retailer Portals" "Locations" and hit the green "New Location" button. You'll then be redirected to a page where you can input the location information such as its name, address, and an email contact. You may also select services that location provides by checking the appropriate boxes in the "Services" field. You may also set it as a default location by checking the "Set as Default Location" box. Then create a locations page and place down the widget. For information on how to do this, see the "RP - Locations" widget page.



Creating Directions

In "RP - Directions" widget properties, you may place the widget in a container if you like. When you're done click "Apply" and then "Save and Close."

Implementing RP Directions

For RP Directions to appear on a webpage, first create a "Get Directions" page. Click the plus sign below the "Edit" button, choose an appropriate page type and place down an "RP - Directions" widget by clicking the hamburger in the top left > "Add new widget" and searching "RP - Directions."

You must also create a page for a locations widget (see "RP - Locations").

On the locations widget, next to any location, is a "Directions" link in the table below the map (this link will also appear if you click on any of the locations). A directions page will then appear upon clicking "Directions," entering in a starting point address, and pressing the "Get Directions." button.


How do you Use the RP Directions?

Use the RP Directions widget to provide directions from a user's current location to a specific destination. The widget implements Google maps in a way that's both simple and user-friendly.