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RP DTN Options

DTN Options is a widget that displays DTN Options.

What is the RP DTN Options?

DTN Options is a widget that shows DTN Options. 

How do you configure RP DTN Options?

Set Up DTN Login

Your cooperative should already have a username and password to login into DTN. To set up these credentials in Kentico, search for Settings in the black side bar. Click settings.

Navigate to Retailer Portals>Widget Settings. Ensure that your site name is appearing in the site field.

Enter your DTN Username and Passord in the Coresponding fields. Then Enter the DTN News Service Codes, DTN Locations, and DTN Commodities. 

If at any point in this process you are unsure of how to find this information, contact your Land O'Lakes, Inc. developer for assistance.

Configuring the Widget

The good news is that once this widget is added, no further configuration is needed. 

How do you Use the RP DTN Options?

However you want!