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RP DTN Cashbid

Showing Cashbids by location on your site helps your farmers bring in the most money for their outputs.

What is the RP DTN Cashbid?

Change Location
There are no current Cash Bids to be displayed.
This pulls cashbid data that your cooperative either manually enters in DTN or DTN generates for your location. 

How do you configure RP DTN Cashbid?

Set Up DTN Login

Your cooperative should already have a username and password to login into DTN. To set up these credentials in Kentico, search for Settings in the black side bar. Click settings.

Navigate to Retailer Portals>Widget Settings. Ensure that your site name is appearing in the site field.

Enter your DTN Username and Passord in the Coresponding fields. Then Enter the DTN News Service Codes, DTN Locations, and DTN Commodities. 

If at any point in this process you are unsure of how to find this information, contact your Land O'Lakes, Inc. developer for assistance.

Configuring the Widget

List the names of the locations (as named in your DTN account) that you would like displayed seperated by commas in the "Location Name(s)" field. Then ensure that the following fields are as follows:
Field Option
Table Formatting True
Row/Column Colorization Row
Font Size Medium
Border: option show table borders True
Highlight Cash Price Column True
Colorize Titles False
Columns and Labels to Display Check all boxes
Location name caption False
Double Cash Bod Chart Links False

How do you Use the RP DTN Cashbid?

Use the RP DTN Cashbid to show your locations and cashbids.