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RP Custom Links

The RP Custom Links Widget displays a linked list of pages. 

What is the RP Custom Links Widget?

The RP Custom Links Widget looks at a group of pages and creates linked text to the group of pages. The RP Custom Links widget only picks up the link pgae type for the sole purpose of displaying a list of text links. This is different from the RP Page Listing Widget as more transformations can be performed within a page listing widget.

How do you configure RP Custom Links?

Configuring the Widget

Begin by identifying the list of pages that you would liked linked using the select feature near the path field. Then, indicate how many nesting levels you would like listed. Indicate your preferred link type and layout style. 

How do you Use RP Custom Links?

Use RP Custom Links to make a linked list of pages. It is best used in a sidebar within a group of pages. For example, listing all agronomy subpages in the sidebar of agronomy subpages.