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ATLAS Daily Update

In the world of farming, conditions change every day. Some cooperatives like to write about daily changes to weather or markets. The ATLAS Daily Update widget allows a daily post on a site. For this widget to be added to a site, it must be a requirement early in site development. 

What is the ATLAS Daily Update?

The ATLAS Daily Update is a widget that displays a daily post. It does not store previous posts. 

How do you configure the ATLAS Daily Update?

Create a Blog 

To use the ATLAS Daily Update Widget, you first need to navigate to the page that you want to have the update in the content tree. For this user, it was the "Home" Page. Press the "+." Select the Blog Page Type*. Then, select blog again and press the green "Continue" button. Name the page 'Daily Updates" and press save.

*If the Blog Page type is not available, it will need to be added to your site by a Land O'Lakes, Inc. developer. Please reach out to your Land O'Lakes, Inc. contact to discuss adding the page to your site. 

Create a Blog Post

Navigate to the Daily Updates Blog page in your content tree. Press the "+" button and select the Blog Post page type. Title the post "Daily Updates" and press the green save button. 

In Post Title, enter the title for your daily update. Press Save. 

Update a Post

Navigate to the form tab on the blog post.

In Post Summary, you can upload the writer's picture or select it from the media library. Make sure that your picture has pixel dimensions of 100x100. Also enter the name of the writer. 

In Post text, you can enter the update that you want shown on your page. Press save.

Configure the Daily Update Widget

Navigate to the ATLAS Daily Update Widget on your page and open the widget properties. In the Path field, select the blog post page that you just created in your content tree. It is important that you choose the blog post, not the blog page. 

In the custom CSS class enter the phrase "waynes-word" for the proper layout to be applied to the widget. 

Verfiy that the widget container is ATLAS-Daily Updates. 

How do you Use the ATLAS Daily Update?

Use the ATLAS Daily Update on your home page for a daily update or important daily news. This widget will not store previous posts, so do not use it as a blog.