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ATLAS Custom Links

The ATLAS Custom Links widget is for adding a list of links onto a page.

What is ATLAS Custom Links?

ATLAS Custom Links is often placed in the Header or Toolbar of a page.

How do you configure ATLAS Custom Links?

Configuring the Widget

Begin by clicking the hamburger menu in the top left corner of a foundation layout. Choose "Add new widget" and find "ATLAS - Custom Links." In widget properties, you may add text to your link list. In the "Layout" field, choose either Vertical or Horizontal. For styling of your links, navigate to the "HTML Envelope" field--here, developers must enter HTML code to link and style the text to your liking. Then click "Save & Close."

How do you Use ATLAS Custom Links?

Use ATLAS Custom Links for the header or toolbar of your co op's site. Insert easily-accessible links for general information to make your site more user-friendly.