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RP Banner Rotator

RP Banner Rotator is a marketing tool that can track data the behavior of visitors on your site. It displays an ad image that can be clicked and redirected to a new page for the visitor to complete the call to action. 

What is the RP Banner Rotator?

The RP Banner Rotator at minimum includes an image that when clicked redirects to a URL.

How do you configure RP Banner Rotator?

Add a Banner Category

Navigate to Online Banners>Marketing. Select the green "New banner category" button and fill out the Display Name. Check the "Enabled" box field so that users can engage with the banner.

Once you want the banner to no longer be active on the site, navigate to back to this category and disable it by clicking the green pencil icon and then unchecking the enabled box.


Creating a New Banner

Once you create a new banner category, you can create a new banner within the "Banner" tab. Press the green "New banner" button. Assign a name to the banner in the Display name field. Input the URL that you want the image to redirect to.

The weight field indicates how much you want the site to give preference to one ad over another ad within the same category. If you add multiple banners to the same banner category, the widget will display the ads based on the weight that you assign to each ad. For example, if you have a "Happy Birthday" ad with weight of five and an "Anti-Happy Birthday" ad with a weight of 5 within the same "Celebration" category, the site will show each ad to an equal amount of users. If you only have one ad enabled within a category, leave the default number in this field.

Checking the "Open in new window" field means that when a user clicks the image, the redirect page will appear in a new window.

If you want the banner to be live on the site, check the "Enabled" box. If you want to retire a banner, simply uncheck this box at a later time.

The dates allow you to choose how long you want the ad live on the site. Enter the dates that you want the ad to run. If you want the ad to run indefinetely, do not enter a date into the "Valid to" field.

The impressions and clicks left fields are useful if you are selling ad space on your site. Your partner can pay for a number of impressions or clicks. If you insert a designated cap into one of these fields, the ads will disable themselves once the cap has been reached.

Select the image that you would like for the ad by uploading it from your computer or reusing an image from the media library.

Configure the Widget

Navigate to the widget on the page and open widget properties. Select the Banner Category. You're banner is set up! 

How do you Use the RP Banner Rotator?

Use RP Banner Rotator as a way to sell ad space on your site or promote your own services. The analytics that Banners provide enable you to track the success of your campaings. Advertisements are great on utility features such as a locations page and are great in sidebars as well.