dIN Breakout Survey

We are so excited for you all to join us in February for the next, Digital Influencers Summit! To make sure you get the best experience, we would like to survey you to get a better understanding of which Breakouts you would like to attend. 

We are planning on offering the following breakouts:

ATLAS Website Training – Beginner: This session is geared to attendees who are brand new to ATLAS. Learn how to login, set up your dashboard and make basic edits to Pages, Locations and Employee Directory.

ATLAS Website General Maintenance Training: Learn how to better manage your media library, dive into basic website trouble-shooting, and more.

ATLAS Website Training – Advanced: This session is intended for seasoned builders. We will focus on advanced building with Grid Layout and using basic coding for pop-up box functionality.

ATLAS Email Training: Learn the basics of ATLAS email marketing. We’ll teach you how to build your own emails, upload contact lists and check your email analytics. We’ll also show you how to find extra resources on the ATLAS support site.

Photoshop Training – Beginner: New Photoshop? We’ll show you how to do basic Photoshop work like cropping images, sizing photos correctly and optimizing for web.

Photoshop Training – Advanced: This session will cover more advanced tips and tricks in Photoshop and design.

Purina – Want to learn more about the latest from Purina? Sit down with our team for updates on Customer Community and learn more about some of the latest digital tools and content available to you. In addition, we want to hear from you and see what content and planning support you need.

SEO and Analytics: Wanting to learn more of the basics of SEO for your site? We’ll show you some basic tools for optimizing SEO in your website. We’ll also walk through site analytics and understand how to leverage the data to improve your website.

Questions and Updates from the Dev Team:  Do you want to learn more about the ATLAS development process or have questions about what’s coming in the pipeline? Join a Q&A session with our dev team.

Please select 3 of the options below that you would want to attend:


Please select which topics interest you most. For the ATLAS Website & Photoshop training options, please select the 1 option that you believe best fits your skill level.
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